Ayu Perfume Vials
Ayu Perfume Vials
Ayu Perfume Vials

Ayu Perfume Vials

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A pack containing a vial of each one of our 7 Ayu scents.

Ayu's perfume oils are made and measured with the ancient art of perfume, combined with the knowledge of balancing the mind, body and spirit.


Black Musk

Black Musk takes you deep into the forest where the earth is rich and exotic plants blossom in secret. Sacred labdanum and jasmine petals are tangled in woody notes of vetiver, agarwood, henna and sandalwood, transforming a tender floral into a dark powerful aroma that grounds and mesmerises the senses.


Carnal is a potent love elixir. A mesmerising, rich floral representing lunar energy and possessing the powers of an aphrodisiac, it rules the silence of twilight. Carnal is created with radiant tuberose blended with warm vanilla and sandalwood, to invoke serenity in the mind and the heart.


Warm, sensuous and delicately sweet, Ode features rich, earthy notes of amber, saffron and sandalwood, lightly balanced with delicate rose. A Tridoshic blend, Ode is calming, balancing and energising to the chakras, especially in matters of the heart.


Inspired by the fleeting beauty of an Indian sunset, Rumi captures the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine, whose flower blossoms are most potent as the night prevails. An enigmatic and captivating scent, Rumi features notes of sparkling orange blossom and warm tonka bean, creating a scent that is balancing, radiant and spiritually uplifting.

Smoking Rose

Paying tribute to the holy ghats of India, Smoking Rose features the sacred and deeply fragrant Kannauj rose, a fabled bloom that 'restores hearts that have gone and brings back withered souls'.


Souq is a luminous floral perfume, mixing sacred oils to a form a heady and intoxicating scent. Notes of rose, jasmine, musk and sandalwood have long been revered for their grounding, cooling and calming properties.


Vala is the delicate, sweet scent of the sacred bakula flower that fills the night air with its deep, rich honey aroma. Proclaimed to be a gift from the heavenly realms, this ethereal floral is lightly balanced with the soft, musky qualities of ambrette seed.

See individual perfumes sold for full descriptions.  

Perfect as a trial pack to help you decide which full size scent you would like.  Or as a a wonderful gift to a loved one or yourself.  Also handy to throw in your make up or wash bag when travelling or your handbag for when you're heading out.

Comes in an elegant black drawstring pouch.  

1ml vials 

*Please note imagery does not reflect the same scents as in our packs.

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