Our Social Responsibility

The Bondi Wellness Co will always donate 5% of our profit to charities or non-government organisations whose work inspires us. We are particularly passionate about organisations that deliver programmes which make a genuine impact on:

  • Good Health and wellbeing, the fundamental aim of our brand
  • Gender equality, particularly empowering women and girls 
  • Clean water and sanitation, something everyone in the world should have a right to take for granted 
  • Responsible consumption and production, understanding the irreplaceable value of our natural resources, animals and lifestyles

We are committed to actively reducing our carbon footprint, and this is reflected in our operational strategy - less is more. We will always offset our carbon emissions, and will only work with partners and suppliers who can demonstrate that they are also actively working towards this goal. 

It is never enough to be complacent and take for granted our place in the world community. At The Bondi Wellness Co we want to enjoy good fortune and good health knowing that in some way we have played a part in helping others to find theirs. This is, and will always be the philosophy of The Bondi Wellness Co.