Our Core Values

At the Bondi Wellness Co we are conscious and considered in our choices. Top of mind in our decision-making process is the impact our choices have on our colleagues, consumers, partners, our community and our environment. We promise to contribute 5% of our profits as a means to a greater end, with a positive impact on the people around us and our planet. It is our mission to be the change we wish to see in the world.

We staunchly stand for the following:

Sustainability: We will never compromise the pursuit of running our business in the most ethical way for our environment. We assess every part of our processes, from the day to day running of our business, to the management of freight and shipping.  Our focus is to make sure we are supporting our planet, not cutting corners to increase margins.  We seek partners that have robust and verifiable sustainability practices, particularly in the manufacturing process. Perhaps they have registration as a B-corporation, or they have a reputation for delivering best-in-class sustainable solutions and using eco-friendly materials in the manufacture of their products. 

Cruelty Free: We will never market a product that has been tested on animals. We love our animal friends, and their welfare is paramount.



In terms of our retail offering, we will always seek brands making a positive impact, and products which meet at least one of the following values:

Vegan: We endeavour to stock vegan products or vegan options whenever possible.  We may have the occasional product derived from animals (collagen for example) we will always ensure these products have been ethically and consciously sourced, and this will be clearly displayed on the product information to ensure peace of mind for those looking to purchase vegan products.   

Organic: It is always our preference that products are derived from the purest of sources and are grown without pesticides, chemical fertilisers, GMO’s, sulphates, parabens, etc. 

Natural: We love products that are derived from natural sources, such as plants, flowers and minerals. The native ingredients from down under contain some of the greatest healing properties in the world.

Artisan: we offer a platform to skilled trades people crafting pieces skilfully by hand as individual pieces, or in small batches – a completely ethical and sustainable type of production. Our suppliers may also be supporting the work of small families and communities in doing so.

Charitable: We are particularly inclined towards partners who demonstrate their commitment to charity through donating a percentage of their revenue to worthwhile causes, or allowing their employees leave days for volunteering, or providing in-kind support to charities with free products or services.