Sunday Lane

Sunday Lane is founded on modern day-narratives and inspired gifting.  Dreamt up by author and illustrator Caitlyn Everett her work translates as a gentle reminder to look to the stars for resolution. 

A guide to self-discovery, our collection of zodiac narratives moves beyond the meaning of astrology, rather shining light on inner uncertainties and inspiring sweet affirmation.

Inspired by the idea that this universe, the sun and moon, have moments made up just of you, that give reason to your world, both big and small. This is a unique collection of carefully considered, handmade and effortlessly beautiful pieces for the home, and more.

They source their paper from an Australian owned wholesaler and it is FSC® certified. This guarantees that products are made of wood chips from well managed forests, other controlled sources and reclaimed material with strict environmental, economical and social standards. The paper they print on specifically contains 40% post-consumer recycled fibre, 55% elemental chlorine free virgin pulp and 5% cotton. 

Printing is done entirely in house in Sunday Lane which means they are able to monitor and reduce any waste.  

They always use recycled boxes / envelopes and prints come with a recycled print backing. They are currently in development of a first to market product which would see them remove the plastic packaging which protects their prints in delivery and in-store.  Sunday Lane are committed to sustainable business practises.