memobottle co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt grew up together in a small coastal town south of Melbourne. Noticing an alarming number of plastic water bottles littering their surrounding area and polluting local waterways, they started looking into a solution to break the habit of single-use bottle consumption.

Taking inspiration from the design of the world’s most popular products and accessories such as mobiles, tablets and laptop bags the design for a premium, re-usable, flat water bottle was born.  What started as an idea on a sketch pad is now a multi-million dollar company challenging one of the world’s biggest environmental issues.  memobottle is leading a one bottle movement to inspire a more reusable community and reduce single-use bottle consumption.

memobottle talk the talk and walk the walk, they are part of the B Corp movement. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balance’s purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

They also support which in turn you are supporting as the purchase of each memobottle provides one person with two months’ access to clean water.