HartRoks was created by Melbourne based yoga teachers, Beckie and Jess who met during their training in 2014.  Beckie & Jess are passionate about bringing the ancient healing modality of Crystals to the modern-day world.

Their packs are perfect for many different stages of life, from goals and abundance, though to motherhood and fertility. They are made up of intuitively hand selected crystals, each one cleansed and charged before being beautifully packaged up. Each pack comes with cards to explain the energy included along with notes on how to cleanse, charge and program crystals.

The individual crystals are stunning hand-picked pieces that make a statement, and are the perfect coffee table adornment.   

HartRoks are dedicated to ensuring their packaging is either recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable.  They are part of the i=change initiative.  For each sale made they give $1 to charity of the consumers choice.  They are part of HartRoks have been involved in a number of charity initiatives including the creation of one off Hartroks bracelets – donating 65% of each sale to The ‘One Girl’ organisation, and a charity movie night collaboration with Lululemon.  There has been some recent contention around the ethical sourcing of Palo Santo, and after some detailed research HartRoks have decided that once their current supply runs out they will no longer be stocking Palo Santo in order to protect this sacred tree, and ensure it does not become endangered.