Travelling around India together, The Ayu was founded under warm Indian skies in 2014 by Alanna Quin and Madeline Whitter. 

Having been awakened to the healing potential of Ayurveda years earlier, both women were drawn to study the traditional remedies that blended wild beauty and functional benefits together. What began as one delicately curated perfume has unfurled into an exotic beauty range infused with an abundance of sacred flowers, herbs, resins and plant oils. Each bottle infused with their rich Vedic knowledge to balance the mind, body & spirit.

 Alanna and Madeleine intuitively formulate every Ayu offering, collaborating with artisan Indian perfume distilleries and hand-blending locally in their native land Australia.

All Ayu products are plant based, cruelty free and contain no sulphates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde mineral oil or EDTA.

Ayu perfume oils are hand blended with attars, essential oils, absolutes, key accords, plant and herbs extracts. Certain perfumes contain a very small amount of synthetics. This is done in order to protect the environment from over harvested and endangered plant species.

The Ayu support Indian communities upon guidance of their partners in the region.