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Creating connection and building a like-minded community is at the heart of our brand. It is here that we will provide credible information from reliable and trustworthy sources. Join us on this adventure across the globe as we engage with our partners, their founders, and industry leaders throughout wellness and lifestyle to provide educational and thought-provoking pieces.

Introducing Beckie, Co-Founder of Hartroks

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Introducing Beckie, Co-Founder of Hartroks

We’d love you to know more about the brands we partner with, and why we stock and recommend them. Who better to describe their products and their philosophies than the founders themselves. Introducing Beckie from HartRoks.  Beckie is one half of the duo behind HartRoks (Beckie’s business partner, Jess is the other half.) HartRoks offers crystals, manifesting and 'high vibing' gifts.  Beckie is here to demystify the ancient healing modality of crystals for the modern day woman. Beckie is an ex yoga teacher, Mum of two, half Swedish / half Aussie), with an A-type personality. HartRoks is the third ‘baby’...

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